How to use credit cards wisely for a vacation budget

If you’re hoping to enjoy a weekend getaway or a big family vacation, your credit card can help you plan sustainably.

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Published: May 23, 2018

Vacations can make you happier, reduce your stress, improve your health and bring you closer to your loved ones, according to those surveyed in the 2017 Expedia Vacation Deprivation Study. But vacation costs can also be expensive.

With the right planning and smart use of your credit card, you can enjoy the fun of your vacation worry-free.


Track spending and get rewards

If you use a credit card specifically reserved for vacation spending, you will be able to accurately track your spending and stick to your budget. In addition, many credit cards offer rewards to save you money that you can spend on vacation fun. For example, a U.S. Bank credit card may offer:

  • Cash rewards to help offset vacation expenses;
  • Travel rewards good toward flights or hotels; and/or
  • Retail rewards to put toward new camping gear or sports equipment

Prepare for the unexpected

No matter how much you plan, unanticipated expenses can still pop up. So it’s a good idea to have a credit card that you can use for unexpected expenses such as last-minute ticket changes, replacement luggage, special souvenirs or spontaneous adventures. Plus, you’ll need a credit card to book any airlines, hotel rooms or travel company services.


Start saving for vacation early to improve your credit score

Using your credit card can improve your credit score if you pay your bills on time. Create a budget and start saving for vacation early; that way, as you take advantage of your credit card while on vacation, you are prepared to pay your bill afterward and improve your credit score. Here’s a vacation budget planner to help you save for your vacation today.


Keep your credit card secure

Before vacationing, be sure to call your bank and let them know when and where you’ll be traveling. Or, if you have a U.S. Bank account, set up travel notifications within the app. This helps guard against unnecessary fraud warnings or even a possible freeze on your account if the bank suspects your card has fallen into the wrong hands.

Continue reading to find out more about U.S. Bank credit cards and how they can simplify your life and improve your financial planning skills.

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